Posted on by Jason Gibson

Well they smell amazing thats for sure!

Here's a collection of photos that I took from inside the BCNL Bloom-Box’s flowering chamber. I decided to grow a few different types of basil to see if they responded differently to pH and EC levels and it seems they fall into the same bracket of both pH and EC which makes growing multiple variety’s of basil together quite an easy process.

Recommended pH range for hydroponic basil is 6.4-6.8
Recommended EC range for hydroponic basil is 1.0-1.6

To precisely manage pH and EC you will need a digital pH meter as well as an EC meter (The only ones worth buying are from Bluelab

In the Bloom-Box we have shots of Lemon basil, Sweet basil, Thai basil ‘Siam Queen’ Thai basil, Genovese basil, Dwarf Greek basil and Dark opal basil.

Check out the size of the flower heads on the Siam Queen!