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 Deep Water Culture DIY Parts List

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Deep Water Culture Systems, Start here:



Have you ever walked into a hydro shop and looked at the systems and thought to yourself, I can build that?

Given the time and effort that goes into some system builds, the downside for some is the retail price, on top of that some stores don’t want to disclose the materials they use as they generally lose too much profit, which is fair enough for some I guess.

We want to give our customers every option available to them, so if giving the design and selling the parts individually is more cost effective to the grower then why not right!?

While this tutorial only features a parts list for a DWC System build, we have left out a build guide as each system should be designed and created for a specific use, therefor every build will differ. You can easily find hundreds of guides online for building DWC systems hundreds of different ways, find one that suits your needs or design your very own!

Below is a list of the parts required to build your very own A-Grade DWC system;

Main Tank & lid.

Mesh pots 80mm,140mm or 200mm

Air-pump relevant to reservoir tank size.

Airstones & Airline x2



If you are running more than one system and you would like to plumb them together, then below are the fittings and poly hoses needed;

Tub Outlets

Elbow joiners


Poly hose

If you need any assistance when building, please call us and one of our experienced team members will gladly help!

Check out some of our roots grown in DWC systems made with the exact parts listed above!