Posted on by Jason Gibson

Hydroponic Myths #2 - Growing Spaces

Lots of content on the internet stating, if you don’t have a large area to grow in its pointless trying. Wrong.

Actually, if you have ‘any’ space free you can grow in it! It’s not expensive either!

I’ve converted storage shelves, window sills, cupboards, filing cabinets, you can even just build a box exactly to suit your free space, and line or paint with a reflective surface. 

The grow can be as detailed as the gardener, some like it simple and some want to go gadget city, whichever you are, you’ll still achieve what you set out to do.

Mistakes, yes, they actually happen! Don’t expect to do anything in life with a perfect outcome each and every time that’s just not reality, like riding a bike, the more you practice the more skilled you become, don’t go popping wheelies if you can’t ride is the point. 

The smaller the space, the ‘easier’ the operation will be! Everyone from my generation that started gardening all start small, it’s just a smart thing to do, unless you have a farming background follow this info if you’re fairly new to growing.

Maintenance is every hobbyist gardener’s worst nightmare, and generally it’s because they have scaled up too quick, too soon and things become unmanageable. Start slow, understand the plants biology and its environment and how it responds week after week, this practical approach will lead to greater success.

To set up any space there are some core fundamentals that apply to any room;

  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Growing medium (Coco, hydro or soil)
  • Nutrition
  • Water Source
  • pH & EC Meter
  • Hygrometer


If you choose to ignore any of these, you will have some issues, so best advice here is don’t ignore the essential items. 

Good continual advice is also a hard to find, so find a good local shop that cares about its customers you will have lots of fun growing and learning!

If you want to grow, just grow. You will always learn best practically so jump in and don’t look back!