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Pests, Pests, Pests

Hydroponic gardeners from all over the globe have had issues with pests in some way shape or form.

The reason for this is, with a perfected environment, you are essentially advertising to sneaky pests and inviting them into your flawless growing environment, where the conditions for breeding are perfect.

This article is a very basic treatment/prevention guide. The topic (Pest Control) is forever evolving as new control measures emerge almost daily through innovation.

In this particular topic, the focus will be on Fungus Gnats!

Know your pests! 

Sticky flytraps will help capture these pests, which will allow the grower to more accurately identify who or what is chewing up their crop.
Yellow sticky traps generally attract flying insects:

  • Aphids
  • Whitefly
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Thrip 


Even the most advanced grow room can be prone to pests, the one thing we CAN do though is try our best to PREVENT an infestation, the most common things used when setting up rooms are basic pest prevention items, such as: bug screens, intake filters, sticky traps and some backup deterrents.

Taking these precautionary measures will save you in the long run for very little investment.


Fungus Gnats

Every grower I know including myself, HATES these little pesky critters, they fly into your grow room and lay their eggs within your plants root zone.

As the larvae develop they consume the nutrients you give to your plants. The very nutrients that the roots are using to feed the plant, are hijacked by the root burrowing larvae, which leads to a host of different problems, the root zone is weakened by the attack, uptake is restricted, impacting plant health, the first bacterial problem to show itself is Pythium (root rot) and unfortunately it only gets worse from there if left untreated!


Homemade treatments: 

  • Garlic broth, few drops of surfactant 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide (1L bottle)
  • Garlic clove & Chilli seed brew in (500ml bottle)
  • Garlic clove stock, Cedar wood oil, pyrethrums.
  • Neem plant extracts


I advise to spray any vegetating plants at least 1-2 times per week as a preventative, if problems are still present going into flower make up a 10L solution of:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 50% 2ml >10L water
  • Garlic clove broth (6 cloves)
  • Hot chilli seeds (Soak in a separate jug in Luke warm water & thoroughly mix solution
  • Flood the growing medium with approx. 20-30% run off


Dead larvae should appear on top of growing medium within 1-3 hours. 

Branded treatments include:


If pests are left untreated for even the smallest time, they very quickly can get out of hand and become impossible to control as a result. Act fast and immediately to prevent a huge headache or lost crops.