Posted on by Jason Gibson

Super Cropping your way to success

As most of you know, training and shaping plants is the best way to stimulate plant growth and an increase in harvest yield.

“We want to teach everyone the technique of super cropping, and eliminate the use of carcinogenic, aptly named - plant growth regulators (PGR’s).” 

Super cropping is mainly used to stem the flow of auxin and gibberellin in plants thus tightening the intermodal spacing, resulting in an overall shorter plant. This technique can be used in both of the vegetative and flowering phases of the plant, more commonly the technique is being used in flower for those with height restrictions or wanting to increase the fruit set on a strain that doesn’t produce as well. 

By doing this the lower branches will catch up to the main shoot and yield will increase, if this technique is not done when stretching occurs yield will be sporadic and “light”. The key to practicing this, is once the plants have been turned to 12/12 we would wait 5-7 days for the branches of the plant to ‘stretch’ this time length is indicative of a strain that would be fully mature in 8-10 weeks.

The technique is quite simple, with the branch you wish to super crop you essentially find the first available bend from the newly acquired growth via the ‘stretch’  as too high will cause a complete break, and fold the stem in half so the main tip is now pointing down.


To perform a super crop correctly, follow this method

Select branches to Super Crop – find specific point on all branches to create some form of symmetry.

For the purpose of the tutorial, look at your little finger. The point in which the Super Crop is to be applied will be the space between both knuckles, on a plant the knuckles would represent an internode.

Squeeze this part completely flat! After the squeeze has been performed you’ll be able to bend/fold the stem in the direction desired and hopefully not break the 'skin' of the stem. That’s it!

If the squeeze has not been done correctly, more than likely the stem will actually snap, this is not the end of the world as they could still recover, however because of the now open wound, bacteria, pathogens and anything looking to feast may be attracted.

Keep in mind, Super Cropping would be classified as a High Stress Training (HST) technique, which will stress the plant out as a result. It is recommended if you do make use of Super Cropping, not Super Crop too many branches at once or too often, as this can hurt the plant past the point of recovery.


Benefits of super cropping

  • Stem the flow of hormones
  • Plant is able to support more weight
  • Huge increases of flowering sites
  • Tighter intermodal spacing
  • Better Canopy airflow
  • Bigger flower sets, grow off the stem.
  • Increased vigor
  • Impacts on health due to the reduction of PGR use, achieving the same outcome
  • No pesticides = Healthier plant, which could be used for medicine.