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CO2 Enrichment

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) enrichment is a proven, effective and successful means of massively increasing the growth rate of any green plant. Ambient standard air contains CO2 at a rate of around 200-400ppm, by increasing the CO2 levels to around 1400ppm, you can potentially increase your yield by 30%!

The process of photosynthesis combines CO2 and water to form sugars and free oxygen. By increasing the CO2 levels in your growroom, the plant can more accessibly create energy and more complex plant parts such as carbohydrates, amino acids, protein, cellulose, leaves, roots, branches and flowers. As the airflow in a contained grow room is limited, plants can deplete the CO2 and cause slow plant development. Our range of CO2 enriching products allows you to conveniently and safely increase your CO2 levels in a contained area to provide your plants with optimal growing conditions. If you require larger scale CO2 inflow from a tank/regulator system, contact our sales team today.

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