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The Grow Buddy V2.0


  What’s Included in The Grow Buddy v2? HOMEbox Ambient Q100+ (1.0 x 1.0 x 2.2M) Adjust-A-Wing Medium Defender Powerplant 6400K... More info

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What’s Included in The Grow Buddy v2?

  • HOMEbox Ambient Q100+ (1.0 x 1.0 x 2.2M)
  • Adjust-A-Wing Medium Defender
  • Powerplant 6400K CFL 130W lamp
  • Nakajima Digital Light Timer
  • Rope ratchet hangers
  • The OxyPot DWC System


What’s Included in the Ventilation Upgrade?

  • 150mm CULTIV8 Inline Fan
  • CAN-LITE 425S - Carbon Filter 150mm flange
  • Black Ducting 150mm


Please note: As our stock changes, some of the products included in these packs may change without notice to an equivalent or upgraded substitute product. 


The team here at AGH saw the need to create packages for new gardeners without the confusing task of trying to build an environment yourself.

With the Grow Buddy, you can grow any types of fruit, flower, vegetables or herbs, all year round!

This Grow Buddy value pack has been designed for beginner growers (or experts looking for a smaller space) to discover the art of indoor horticulture with simple and user-friendly equipment.

We prepared this complete package and added some monster discounts to the price so you can grow your own today!


The Grow Room:

Our Grow Buddy package includes a first-class quality, HomeBox Ambient Q100+ Grow Tent with practical ventilation, access and power cable entry points. These grow rooms are easy to use and extremely durable. The Mylar surface increases reflectivity, ensuring maximum light efficiency for fast growing plants and a perfectly controlled growing environment.


The Light System:

This value-packed grow-kit includes a high-powered  horticulturally tailored Powerplant 130W CFL lamp with self-ballasting system. No need to worry about expensive ballasts or fittings! The Compact Fluorescent Lamp can be effectively used for both vegetative growth and floral development.

The light system also comes with the Defender, a medium-sized adjustable reflector made by Adjust-A-Wing. These reflectors mount easily and fit perfectly in the tent system for maximum light output and penetration.


The Ventilation System:

Most “budget” grow kits often neglect to include sufficient ventilation and odour scrubbing equipment. We selected a powerful fan and carbon filter with a more than sufficient CMH rating (cubic meters per hour) to ensure your ventilation is operational for many successful harvests. This ventilation system can be mounted inside or outside the tent per your spacing and temperature control requirements. This ventilation system comes fully complete with ducting, a carbon filter and a duct booster fan.


The Growing Method:

The Oxy Pot is a one-pot Deep Water Culture system designed for a single plant.

Once you have set up your Oxy Pot, plants are then transplanted into the 140mm mesh-pot provided, an air pump powers an air stone at the base of the system to oxygenate/aerate the nutrient solution. (This helps roots grow very fast)

Your plant's root-zone will have constant availability to the nutrient mix below.

Ready to go, just add plants and a nutrient solution!