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What’s Included in the Grow Mate? HOMEbox Ambient Q120+ (1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2M grow room) Adjust-a-Wing Medium Reflector with... More info

Grow Mate

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What’s Included in the Grow Mate?

HOMEbox Ambient Q120+ (1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2M grow room)
Adjust-a-Wing Medium Reflector with single-ended lamp holder
Philips 600W Son-T PIA Plus Lamp
Cultiv8 600W Pro+ Digital Ballast
Rope Ratchet hangers (Pair)
Inline Fan 150mm
CAN GT 600S 150mm Carbon Filter
Black Ducting 150mm x 4.5M
24L Base + 18L Top Tubs x4
Cyco Coco Coir x 2

Please note: As our stock changes, some of the products included in these packs may change without notice to an equivalent or upgraded substitute product. 

The team at A-Grade Hydroponics observed a lack of affordable, high quality, spatially efficient tent kits available for beginner and intermediate indoor gardeners. We noticed the necessity for packages for new gardeners without the confusing and expensive unnecessary items.

With the Grow Mate, you can successfully grow fruit, vegetables or herbs, all year round!

The Grow Mate pack has been designed for beginner and intermediate growers to discover the art of indoor horticulture with simple and user-friendly equipment. The expert team at A-Grade Hydroponics prepared this complete package and added some monster discounts to the price so you can easily grow your own today!

The Tent:

Our Grow Mate package includes the first-class quality, HOMEbox Ambient 1Q120+ grow tent with practical ventilation, front and side access, and power cable entry points. These tents are easy to use and extremely durable. The surface reflectivity ensures maximum light efficiency for fast-growing plants and a perfectly controlled growing environment.

The Light:

This value-packed setup provides an ideal amount of HID lighting for a rapid and monster harvest. 600W perfectly covers the 1200mm areas with an effective footprint of powerful PAR light. We have selected the perfect digital lighting ballast and integrated an HPS lamp for year-round superior harvests.

The Grow Mate package includes an adjustable Cultiv8 Pro+ 600W ballast.

Using an ultra-reflective Adjust-a-Wing reflector ensures your plants receive the maximum amount of PAR lighting from the lamp. (All tent packages come with ratchet hangers to hang light systems)

The Ventilation:

Budget grow kits often neglect to include sufficient ventilation and odour scrubbing equipment.

The team at A-Grade have selected lightweight, efficient and stealthy fans, with compatible filters and ducting to ensure your plants can happily breathe and grow to their full genetic potential. The powerful intake fan and carbon filter provide a more than sufficient CMH rating (cubic meters per hour) to ensure your ventilation is effectively operational for many successful harvests. This ventilation system can be mounted inside or outside the tent per your spacing and temperature control requirements.

The Grow Mate environment can be tailored with any type of soil, coco or hydroponics systems (flood and drain, recirculating, deep-water-culture, run-to-waste and many more).