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Firstly, What’s Included in The Grow Bro? Grow Room 1: HOMEbox 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 Adjustawing Medium Defender Gardis Pro... More info


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Firstly, What’s Included in The Grow Bro?

Grow Room 1:

HOMEbox 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6
Adjustawing Medium Defender
Gardis Pro 6400K CFL 130W
Cultiv8 150mm Intake Fan
Phresh Intake Filter 150mm
Hydro-Pro Digital Light timer x 1
PowerPlant rope ratchet hangers
Hygrometer x1

Grow Room 2:

HOMEbox 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0
Gardis Pro Cool-Tube Air-cooled reflector
Gavita Pro EL 600W HPS Lamp
PowerPlant rope ratchet hangers
Hyper-fan 150mm
Phresh Carbon Filter 150mm
Black ducting 150mm x 5M
Y-Duct joiner X2
Hydro-Pro Digital Light timer x 1
Hygrometer x1


The hydro gurus at A-Grade Hydroponics have come up with another excellent grow package for the “non-stop” horticulturists that are after a perpetual harvest system.

The aim with perpetual harvest is that while one room is in the flowering stage, your other room is growing with clones or plants that are in the vegetative stage.

By the time our flower room has been harvested, you’ll be able to transition the vegetative room into flower straight away, whilst drying in the other space or re-vegging your cuttings for the next round!

Saving time, working smarter not harder.  The team at A-Grade Hydroponics have sourced the very best equipment needed for a perpetual setup, buying the items in a pack like this saves you over $500!

The Tents: Our GROW BRO package includes an 80x80x160cm and a 120x120x200cm 600D Mylar Grow room. These tents are easy to use and extremely durable. The Mylar diamond surface is highly reflective and ensures maximum light efficiency for fast growing plants and a perfectly controlled growing environment.

Perfect sizes for a hobby grow.

The Lights: The lighting for the smaller room includes a high-powered Power Plant Horticultural 130W CFL lamp with self-ballasting system. The Compact Fluorescent Lamp can be effectively used for both new cuttings/seeds and vegetative growth.

The light system comes with an ultra-light reflector designed for maximum light and an adapter plug to ensure you can get your light up n running straight away!

These reflectors mount easily and fit perfectly in the tent system for maximum light reflection and absorption. Utilising a horizontal globe placement is the most effective means of mounting a HID globe.

The lighting for the larger flower room is as good as it gets, Solis Tek 600W/400V ballast and a Gavita Pro 600W/400V EL all neatly installed in a Gardis Pro Air-cooled Cool-Cell to majorly reduce those unwanted high temperatures.

The Ventilation: Our grow kit has one of the best fans in the industry, the Hyperfan! With a majorly high cfm rating we recommend to put this fan as your exhaust.

Ventilation also includes 5m’s of ducting and a 500mm high carbon filter for sufficient odour scrubbing that will last over 12 months.

We have also selected a powerful duct booster fan complete with a y-duct joiner. So, you can choose how you would like to run your ventilation. Also included is an Intake filter and another 5M of ducting.

Once you have everything setup and running, minimal maintenance is needed which allows you to spend more time tending to your garden!