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 Plant Training: The SCROG Method

“In a 1sq/M growing space, you can only achieve a certain yield based on the genetics you are using, so filling the room with 12 plants Vs filling it with 1 plant will return the same yield yet with much higher risk, the only difference is the vegging time.”



The Screen of green style of growing is a popular method used amongst hobbyist growers to avoid excess plant numbers but still achieve the maximum yield in a given space.

Traditionally the ScrOG is performed on a well-established vegetating plant right before changing the photoperiod. Today’s version of a ScrOG is actually not a ScrOG at all, it is actually weaving through a trellis net until the net or screen has filled, this is actually called Espalier training and changes the skeleton of the plant.

A true ScrOG is forcing a screen over a well formed plant and letting the plant do the work to make its way through the screen, the only thing you need to do on a true ScrOG is fix the screen in place and spread the now flattened branches apart to avoid any messy lateral branching and excess humidity forming amongst leaves by ‘cleaning up’ the lowest growth which essentially is pruning & removing weak and light starved growth.


How long can a SCROG'd grow take?

Vegetation (18/6) could take 6-8 weeks to adequately fill space depending on variety & space. Most, if not all genetics will stretch 50-200% in the first 2 weeks of flower which is lot of growth, so don’t be too hell bent on filling the space in the growth period because sometimes due to sexual maturity a plant can plateau until the photoperiod is adjusted.

A tip for those wanting to achieve a full space in veg prior to changing the photoperiod would be to use a product called CYCO XL at week 3 of veg for explosive growth. The ‘only period’ extended to achieve the ScrOG is the growth phase 18/6, the flowering period 12/12 will not be extended it will be pretty much the same length.


How do I SCROG my first plant?

There are many opinions on what is the best method, our method is to use a similar approach to our 4-main branch technique;
Grow up to the 6th, top below 4th and remove the very first opposing set, this will set up your plant to have a nice strong base.

Simply grow this plant for 4-6 weeks it’s at this point you would fix the ScrOG net in place by either forcing it on the plant or placing just above the below the canopy and use the weave and thread technique if that’s the style of plant you want, but I think pushing the net down on them and spreading the branches evenly underneath works way better and returns more uniform buds.


Double SCROG'ing net?

Depending on the variety you’re growing you may want to consider a second trellis net at around week 3 of flower for extra support, alternatively you can use the style of growing in combination with the yo-yo hangers which serve as great branch and main cola support. Supporting the main stems this way will help them develop to their maximum potential, I have found in the past unsupported branches do not develop the same way and in some cases they actually stop developing mass if the stem is under too much duress.


Purchasable SCROG Nets 

We have several SCROG nets for sale at A-Grade Hydroponics in various different sizes and materials. Below is a short list of our current available SCROGS: (Click to view the product)


SCROG / Tent Netting 1.2M x 1.2M

Mammoth SCROG Netting

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Good luck and have fun with SCROG nets!