Collection: Perlite & Vermiculite

Perlite is a naturally occurring siliceous rock, when heated sufficiently it expands becoming lightweight and a brilliant white. In hydroponics, perlite is used alone or as a component of different soilless growing substrates, i.e. coco 60% perlite 40% or coco 50% vermiculite 25% perlite 25%. Perlite is a popular growing substrate due to its ability to provide excellent aeration to the root zone and also optimum moisture and nutrient retention.

Vermiculite is a versatile, natural mineral that is often used in hydroponic gardening. Our Vermiculite 2-4mm is perfect for use as a soil amendment or as a standalone growing medium. The 2-4mm size is ideal for hydroponics, providing excellent water and nutrient retention and aeration for healthy root growth.