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Can-Filters and Can-Fan

A new segment coming to the A-Grade tutorial page is a monthly product spotlight to inform you guys what’s up and coming in hydroponics, including the latest in plant nutrition, lighting technologies and all the cool gadgets that keep evolving.

To start off, the first product we will focus on is widely considered the best carbon filtration on the planet, straight out of Holland. Can-Filter/ Can-Fan, is one of the largest companies within the hydroponic industry, their quality is rarely matched and their longevity leaves them all for dead, when the rest stop scrubbing smell these ones power on through.



Here is some information about the team at Can

Closing in on three decades ago, we created a design for a canister style filter that was suited for high airflows and unsurpassed air filtering efficiency. Portability and what seemed like everlasting life were also key features of this new filters success. We named it the original, “Can-Filter” for simplicity and accuracy and it did just what its name implied; the Can-Filter really can filter.

The filter was great on its own but what took us over the top was pairing it with the fan, the necessary companion for a complete filtration system.  We partnered early on with a German manufacturer to bring you the timeless classic Can-Fan and the instant hit, fan of the future, Max-Fan.  Focusing on performance and efficiency have helped to establish us as an industry leader in filtration and ventilation. Soon everyone from mines to military, gardeners to garbage dumps, and locker rooms to laboratories were utilizing the contaminant capturing features of the Can-Filter to create safer workplaces, contaminant-specific filtration, and cleaner air for anyone lucky enough to be in a room that a Can-Filter commanded. Now with global manufacturing sites and distribution centres on three continents, millions of filters selling in over 40 countries, we’ve built a brand that stands above and outlasts all the competition and that brand is Can-Filters.

Breathing clean air drives us to the highest levels of quality and innovation achievable. We began our mission from a perceived gap we saw, drove forward and never went back. 

We’ve set the bar for air ventilation standards that others try to match. But they can’t catch us because we set the bar and continue raising it higher. 

We consistently strive to create filters that scrub the air better and last longer, removing up to 99.9% of gasses and VOCs from the air. We work to make our fans more powerful, lighter and stronger; all while consuming less power.

And you know what else? We have a great time doing this stuff together. Our company is shaped by a combination of the highest quality standards with a love and a passion for our work. This gets us going each morning, keeps us working hard, and is one reason why many of us have been together with CF Group for well over a decade.

Our Values

  • Innovation and research
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Responsible sourcing of materials
  • Long term approach to business
  • Excellent customer service
  • Seamless distribution
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Loyalty


When you choose your filtration system, we hope you’ll go with the industry leaders — Can-Filters. We’ve spent years researching and perfecting the product so that we are now known as the first and best choice in indoor air quality