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Carbon Filters

Scrubbing the air to remove unwanted toxins is fundamental for healthy plants. Our range of filters can suit all size applications to provide your plants with optimal aeration. Use a carbon filter as part of an exhaust system to remove any unwanted smells and as part of an intake system to give your plants the cleanest air possible.

Carbon Filter FAQ:

Q: How do I know which filter I will need? / Does my fan work with this filter?

A: To match up any filter with any fan, you need to match two variables, the capacity or airflow rate and the flange size. The capacity/airflow of the filter MUST be greater than the capacity/airflow of the fan you wish to match, and the flange must match sizes exactly to be able to connect to the fan/filter without the need for a reducer.

For example: The 'Max-Fan Pro 150/600' will have a 150mm flange (6") and a 600 m3h capacity/airflow rate, therefor to match a filter to this fan will require a 150mm flange and a capacity 600 m3h or greater, making the 'CAN-Lite 600 (150/600) Carbon Filter' a perfect match.

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