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A-Grade Aeroponic Propagation Pack



The A-Grade Aeroponic Propagation Pack comes with everything you need to help the cuttings from your favourite plants start growing straight... More info

Product details:

The A-Grade Aeroponic Propagation Pack comes with everything you need to help the cuttings from your favourite plants start growing straight away.

Here's what you get included with this value-pack:

1x Nutriculture 20-site X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator.
1x HydroPro HP550 Water Pump 
1x Nutriculture Aeroponic Misting attachment
20x Nutriculture Mesh baskets
20x Nutriculture Neoprene Stem Holders
2x 26W IntroGro LED Hydroponic Growing Lights
1x 250ml Cyco Nutrients Ryzofuel
1x 75ml Cyclone Cloning Gel

The Aeroponic Cloning System:

The most practical cloning system on the market! The X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator is a complete aeroponic system designed to create and maintain an oxygen-rich environment, perfect for root development on new cuttings.

With most cuttings developing roots in 4-7 days, your plants can then be transplanted quicker than ever. The best part is you can transfer straight to small growing pot filled with your favourite grow medium - even clay pebbles in a DWC or a recirculating hydroponic system.

Each X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator includes a humidity dome with adjustable vents, one water pump and an aeroponic misting attachment enabling hydroponic growers to keep young plants in a totally enclosed growing environment.

Aeroponic Propagator System Features:

  • 1x Base unit
  • 1x Insert tray
  • 20x Mesh pots
  • 20x Neoprene collars 
  • 1x HydroPro 550 water pump
  • 1x Nutriculture misting attachment
  • 1x Propagation dome

The LED Grow Lighting:

The LED grow lights that come with this propagation pack are 2 x 26W IntroGro LED grow lights. The 6500K light spectrum is perfect for the vegetative and rooting stage of a cutting's life cycle so as soon as your cuttings have rooted they will immediately be growing under the right light spectrum of light if transplanting into your growing pots isn't straight away.

This hydroponic lighting grow LED can also be used as supplemental lighting in a standard grow room setup, providing additional light coverage in shaded areas underneath your canopy or scrog line which will further develop your vegetating plants in areas they wouldn’t normally receive light. If you're flowering then we suggest using the bloom spectrum LED grow bar instead.

LED Grow Light Features:

  • All-in-one design for ease of use
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • 6500K
  • 85 CRI
  • 13 Amp
  • 54 cm Bar Length
  • 2 metre power lead and plug
  • 4 x vertical-mount hooks

The Rooting Tonic & Cloning Gel

The root booster that is used in the hydroponic misting tank is Ryzofuel by Cyco Nutrients. This solution is a concentrate and will last you a long time, it provides enough nutrition to give a nice boost to root growth whilst maintaining adequate plant nutrition for the first two weeks of vegetative growth. 

The Cloning Gel that comes with this propagation pack is Cyclone and contains a unique blend of vitamins and hormones to help establish a healthy root formation in a short amount of time.

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