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The Hobby Propagation Pack



Included in the Hobby Propagation Pack: Stewart Propagator Medium CULTIV8 Heat Mat (small) ROOT!T 24 pack Sponge Tray CYCO Ryzofuel... More info

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Included in the Hobby Propagation Pack:

The Hobby Propagation Pack is the perfect size to start growing your own leafy greens or herbs from seed or cuttings in small spaces. 

This propagation dome is manufactured in the UK using the best in food grade thermoplastics. It has adjustable vents for passive humidity control and a clear lid to allow maximum light to help young seedlings start off strong.

Start growing your own today.

Included in this propagation pack are some how-to documents on seed germination and clonal propagation written by our expert horticulturists.

This propagation pack comes complete with a tray of ROOT!T propagation sponges that are very easy to use, a rooting solution that is perfect for young seedlings and cuttings a small CULTIV8 heating mat is used to maintain specific germination temperatures, and some basic accessories and instructions that are needed for the early stages of propagation.

We want you to achieve excellence, and our methods reflect this. Start growing the A-Grade way today and see the results for yourself!