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The Hobbyist



  WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1x HOMEbox HomeLab HL80L 1.5 x 0.8 x 2.0m 2x GRT Horticulture MLED-150 Full Spectrum LED 150W 1x HOMEbox Equipment... More info

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Please note: As our stock changes, some of the products included in these packs may be substituted with an equivalent or superior product.  

The Hobbyist - A-Grade's Most Popular Tent Pack

The Hobbyist has been designed for growers of all skill sets. This growing package is great for a first-timer wanting to learn the art of indoor horticulture with simple and user-friendly equipment. It can also serve as a secondary growing space for those who wish to grow perpetually.

A-Grade Hydroponics prepared this indoor growing package so you can get growing straight away.

The Hobbyist is perfect for those looking to turn their hobby into something a little more serious without the insane price tag!


The Grow Room:

The Hobbyist includes a quality HOMEbox grow room: The HomeLab HL80L (150 x 80 x 200cm) well-placed ventilation ports, front access main door, left & right viewing windows, and numerous cable ports. These tents are very easy to set-up and they are extremely durable. The granular mylar surface is 600D and ensures maximum light reflectivity for fast-growing plants and is backed with black oxford cloth.


The Lighting:

The lighting technology provided with the Hobbyist is second to none, the MLED Series of full-spectrum LEDs from GRT Horticulture. These lights set the standard that other brands are now trying to imitate, it comes complete with the latest horticultural LED technology, specifically developed by Samsung for horticultural applications, the first of their kind. Simply put, it is one of the best LEDs grow lights on the market and currently in a class of its own.


The Ventilation:

Efficacy is the objective here; and we have chosen the Can-Fan RK 150S. This German-made fan is a perfect match to the quality carbon filters by Can-Filters the leaders in indoor ventilation and odour scrubbing. Can-Filters are  unmatched in quality and the only ventilation company in the world that has the EU REACH Certificate of Compliance. 

This ventilation system can be mounted inside or outside the tent depending on space requirements. Always remember to check the fan airflow direction when flipping set-up from inside to out.

The Hobbyist pack is ready to 'plug and play', containing everything you need to start growing immediately. You can use the pots and trays provided or any other type of growing system in the Hobbyist setup, allowing for flexibility of techniques and methods in the one grow room.