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HY-GEN Nutrients

Hy-Gen is an Australian based company operating out of Perth, Western Australia. They have designed a number of commercially tested products to provide a wide range of plant food plant nutrients, organic plant additives and plant organic boosters. With their qualified chemist having 20+ years in horticulture experience, Hy-Gen products formulations and procedures have been prepared under careful supervision.

Hy-Gen products are created for the discerning home grower or professional grower striving for those bigger, healthier harvests.

HY-GEN Coco Growth A/B

From $33.90 - $249.90

HY-GEN Coco Bloom A/B

From $33.90 - $249.90

HY-GEN BudLink

From $24.90 - $249.90

HY-GEN Omegazyme

From $44.90 - $599.90

HY-GEN Sea Essentials

From $27.90 - $299.90

HY-GEN Humiboosta

From $33.90 - $339.90

HY-GEN Nitro-K

From $27.90 - $334.90


From $26.90 - $309.90

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