Collection: Mammoth by Growcentia

Growcentia was born when a few high achieving university researchers at CSU (Colorado State University) with acclaimed backgrounds in soil, crop sciences and microbiology asked themselves a simple question:

How do we use science to control and then release the power of nature to grow better plants?

And thus Growcentia’s team of experts was born and ready to release their own unique horticultural formulations upon the world. Growcentia are responsible for the extremely popular Mammoth P Microbes product a five star hydroponic microbe preparation designed to unlock a plants ability to further access more nutrients, specifically phosphorus. Growcentia have also just released another popular hydroponic nutrient facilitator, Mammoth Silica which is a hydroponic additive containing monosilicic acid which is a bio-available form of silica chelated with a low dose of trace elements and calcium nitrate. All of Growcentia’s products are of the highest quality and consistency.