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The FunGuy WA CO2 Generator Bags are a natural, cheaper and easier way to supply carbon dioxide to plants when... More info

Product details:

The FunGuy WA CO2 Generator Bags are a natural, cheaper and easier way to supply carbon dioxide to plants when growing in a hydroponic grow room or greenhouse.

No need to use expensive electric generators, regulators, solenoids & timers.

A-Grade Hydroponics has tested many CO2 solutions over the years, and finally found  a superior solution. Visit our Melbourne showroom to experience them firsthand.

How does it work? As the fungi inside the CO2 bag grows it will absorb the oxygen in your grow room in order to produce carbon dioxide (CO2). Being an opposite gas exchange to plants, they make a perfect companion. CO2 will be available to your plants through a gas exchange filter attached to the bag.

Instructions: Use one CO2 bag for every 1m² of growing area.

If you are not using any extraction, the best place to put The FunGuy WA CO2 bag is  above the plant canopy. CO2 is heavier than air under the same temperature/pressure and will be available for plants below. Creating air movement within your indoor grow space will help avoid CO2 being stagnated in the bottom of the room.

If you are using extraction place the bag underneath the plant canopy as long as airflow is good enough to help circulate the CO2 upwards and around the room.

If you have a ventilation system in your grow room, you'll want to place the the CO2 bag at the furthest point from the extraction point.

How long does it last? FunGuy WA's CO2 bags will last up to 6 months in ideal environmental conditions. For best results, and to get the most from every bag, introduce a fresh CO2 bag every 3-4 months to keep 1m² levels consistent. When the white mycelium has stopped growing and the contents have shrunk a little, it is time to remove the first bag from your grow room. (Enviro points: Add the contents of the depleted bag to your compost.)

Like all natural products, FunGuy WA's CO2 bags can vary in colour. They start off brown and turn white as the Mycelium colonises the substrate content. This is completely normal and totally safe.