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LUMATEK ZEUS 30W UV Supplemental LED Grow Light

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A-Grade Hydroponics introduces the LUMATEK 30W UV Supplemental LED hydroponics grow light for enhanced resin production in high value crops.


Ideal for growers who are looking to improve their LED growing lights UV output. These light bars can be fitted onto your exisiting LUMATEK Zeus hydroponic light fixture.

To ensure unit performance, the UV LED bar has a single input and output socket for the Power Cable or Daisy Chain Cable depending on the setup. You will need one power cable for each setup, plus a daisy chain cable for each extra UV Bar that is added to the setup. eg. If you are adding two UV bars to a Zeus unit, you will need one power cable and one daisy chain cable. If you want to run a single UV bar by itself, you will need one power cable. If you are adding a UV bar to an existing UV Bar setup, you will need one daisy chain cable.


  • UV-B (280-315 NM): 100 mW
  • UV-A (315-400 NM): 1200 mW
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 20-240 V AC, 50-60 HZ
  • DRIVER: 30 W, 220-240 V AC, integrated
  • INPUT POWER: 30 W (±5%)
  • FOOTPRINT: 1.2 x 0.6 m
  • APPLICATION: Multi-layer, Room, Tent
  • LIFETIME: L90 > 8500 HRS
  • LIGHT SOURCE: UV-B and UV-A Domestic Diodes
  • WEIGHT: 1.2 Kg
  • DIMENSIONS: 1000 x 48 x 42 mm
  • POWER FACTOR: > 0.98
  • BTU: 102 BTUs/h

The LUMATEK 30W UV Supplemental Grow Light LED Bar offers a light spectrum addition for growers who are looking to improve their crop’s quality through UV output during a plants flowering stage. Designed to fit directly on the popular LUMATEK Zeus LED fixtures, this unit has an integrated power unit and can also be daisy-chainable.

Create a complete A-Grade fruit or flower by using ultraviolet signalling in your grow room. This technology is a powerful tool for growers that are interested in creating a unique final crop aesthetic, affecting its flavour, aroma and increasing oil and resin production by up to 30%.

It will also help to control mould that can form on buds, with gentle (12 hours) UV-B & UV-A light doses you will then reduce the need for additional chemical control applications.

This unique fixture was specially designed to provide the ideal UV-B [280-315 nm] and UV-A [315-400 nm] radiation doses to your plants based on scientific support. A single fixture can provide 2.2 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-B energy and 518 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-A output.


The LUMATEK 30W UV Supplemental LED Bar was designed to fit directly into the Zeus fixtures. To make sure you achieve the best light spread over the canopy, we recommend:

1-2 UV bars Recommended for use with ZEUS 465W PRO 2.9

2 UV bars Recommended for use with ZEUS 600W PRO 2.9

2-3 UV bars Recommended for use with ZEUS 1000W Xtreme CO2 w/ CO2 Supplement

3-5 UV bars Recommended for use with ZEUS 1000W PRO 2.9 w/CO2 Supplement

Recommended UV-B + UV-A Radiation Application

Always mix the supplemental UVB + UVA radiation UV grow lights with the previously mentioned Lumatek Zeus Full Spectrum LED Range, starting from 12 hours photoperiod to less during the Flowering grow stage, at least 4 weeks before harvest.

For a good UV radiation spread, ensure to install the recommended minimum units and follow the distance to canopy referred on the Grow Light Strategies table.

If you notice plant damage, we recommend to increase the distance between fixture and canopy or decrease the UV light output delivered to your plants by reducing the photoperiodic time.


The LUMATEK 30W UV Supplemental LED Bar delivers UVB (near UV Erythemal) and UVA (near UV-black light) electromagnetic radiation spectrum with wavelengths from 280 to 400 nm.

To avoid any negative effects to human skin, switch the power off when installing or/and during the maintenance processes on your grow system.

Do not look directly to the light as the UVB radiation from the light fixture can damage eyes and skin. Do not restrict the airflow across the fixtures to avoid any heat build-up which may reduce drastically the lifetime of your UV supplemental LED bars.

Do not put the UV Supplemental LED Bar in contact with any surface while still ON.

Extra notes: This unique fixture was specially designed to provide the ideal UV-B [280-315 nm] and UV-A [315-400 nm] radiation doses to your plants based on scientific support. A single fixture can provide 2.2 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-B energy and 518 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-A output. This translates to a fixture output of 100 mW of UV-B and 12000 mW UVA. Lumatek ensures that this fixture does not produce UV-C radiation.

This 30W UV LED Bar is one of the best tech releases for you to supplement alongside your full spectrum LED grow lights. 

Only use on plants.


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