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  What’s Included in The Grow Buddy? HOMEbox® Ambient Q100+ (1.0 x 1.0 x 2.2M) ADJUST-A-WING Medium Reflector with single-ended... More info

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What’s Included in The Grow Buddy?

Please note: As our stock changes, some of the products included in these packs may change without notice to an equivalent or upgraded substitute product. 


The Grow Buddy was the first pack A-Grade Hydro designed- all the way back in 2014! As our customers evolved, so did the Grow Buddy. The latest reincarnation is the best yet. The Grow Buddy is a well-sized space for those wanting to tiptoe into indoor gardening and hydroponics

The Grow Room:

The Grow Buddy package includes a quality HomeBox Ambient Q100+ grow tent, complete with practical ventilation access and power cable entry points. These grow rooms are easy to use and extremely durable. The PAR+ surface increases reflectivity, ensuring maximum light efficiency for fast growing plants and a perfectly controlled growing environment.

The Light System:

The dimmable Lumatek 600W digital ballast lowest setting is 400w, which is great for the start of your grow. The Philips 600w lamp will see the grow through from start-to-finish; alongside a medium-sized adjustable reflector made by Adjust-A-Wing. These reflectors mount easily and fit perfectly in the tent system for maximum light output and penetration.

The Ventilation System:

The RK 125LS is a deceptively powerful extraction fan and will ensure optimum ventilation. Add the slim and lightweight Can-Lite 425 Poly carbon filter; mount the system inside or outside the tent per your spacing and temperature control requirements. 

The Growing Method:

The OxyPot is a one-pot deep water culture (DWC) system designed for a single plant, and comes complete with an air pump, airline and air stone.

Once you have set up your OxyPot, your seedling is then transplanted into the 140mm mesh-pot and clay pebbles provided. The air pump powers an air stone at the base of the system to oxygenate/aerate the nutrient solution. (This helps roots grow very fast).

All that is left for you to do is to choose your hydroponic nutrients and go for it!!