The Importance of Boron in flowering crops

Hydroponics - Boron Deficiency

Have you ever wondered about Boron deficiency?

It is actually more common than you think especially for those growing their favourite 'sacred' herbs and it's actually quite easy to avoid once you know how you just need the right hydroponic nutrients and additives / bloom boosters.


Boron typically affects the new growth of plants. It is an immobile nutrient which has a distinctive display of spindly growth and/or a tan scorched look which holds back the progression of healthy flower formation.  

Image Source: Zamnesia

Boron plays a crucial role in development of new cells.

Boron (B) helps move sugars from one part of the plant to where it is needed, it is used in cell wall synthesis and works in conjunction with calcium, these elements are critical for cell division. 

When plants start to flower, a higher amount of boron is needed.

How to fix a Boron deficiency?

A-Grade Hydroponics recommends that you flush your grow pot using plain water and a flushing product to wash away any excess nutrition that may have accumulated around the root-zone.  

Unfortunately, just applying boron to fix this issue will not work it must be synergised with other nutrients in the correct ratio otherwise you will inadvertently antagonise other elements which creates more issues.

Boron is best absorbed within the pH ranges of 5.9 - 6.5

It is best to add the hydroponic nutrients you're using to water and mix first before adjusting the pH of the solution.

The best way to fix Boron deficiency in our opinion is using a product called Mills Vitalise. It contains all the necessary trace elements as-well as a pH stable form of silica to get your plants back on track, if flowering is still within the first 3 weeks you can foliar apply this product to correct the problem also.

Alternatively you can add this product at 1ml to 5L of water and flood this solution through your pots or hydroponic systems and then resume feeding the following day, repeat this process at the start of each new feeding week for the best results. 

Comment below if you have any questions about this element.


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