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Here you'll find... More

Additives and Plant Hormones

When plants go through stressful periods sometimes we... More

Air & Water Pumps

High quality water pumps and air pumps! We only stock reliable and... More

Air Stones

Growing plants hydroponically can be challenging especially if we haven’t taken the... More

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LUMATEK Ultimate Pro Dimmable Ballast 600W (240V & 400V)


Digital Ballasts utilise the latest in energy-efficient technology to ensure you get the... More


Reading material for the horticultural enthusiasts. Whether you garden indoors or outdoors... More

Byron Bay Gold

Created by an Australian family of innovative farmers, Byron Bay Gold is... More

Carbon Filters

Scrubbing the air to remove unwanted toxins is fundamental for healthy plants. Our range... More

Centurion Pro

Centurion Pro wet and dry flower trimmers! Leading the industry standards in... More


Founded in 1910, Chikamasa is a well-respected Japanese company that have been... More

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Adjust-A-Wing Defender Reflector


Our hydroponics equipment clearance items, these items are still the great quality... More

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Propagation Pack


Cloning has existed for thousands of years with a variety of techniques. Nature... More

Complete Indoor Growing Systems

Hydroponics - The art of growing plants without soil.

Growing plants indoors... More

Cutting & Seed Medium

Raising seeds or cloning plants in regular potting mixes can be quite... More

Cyco Grow Medium

CYCO Grow mediums available In-store or Online, we can provide you with... More

Cyco Value Packs

The aim with these Cyco hydroponic nutrient packs is to give the... More


Giving your hydroponic setup efficient ventilation is essential for your plants to grow... More

EC PPM Control

Measuring the EC/ppm of your reservoir or watering solution ensures you can... More

Eye Protection

One of the biggest dangers with some grow lights is that... More

Fans & Controllers

Ample airflow to provide clean, healthy air is essential for happy plants. Installing your... More


Scrubbing the air to remove unwanted toxins is fundamental for healthy plants. Our range... More

Gift Cards

Hydroponic Gift cards, the perfect gift idea for Christmas birthdays or just... More

Grodan Grow Medium

Grodan is the world leader in providing innovative and successful propagation and... More

Grow Medium

We provide only top-quality, trusted and tested brands of growing media. Utilising... More


Hangers are the easiest method of suspending your lights at optimum heights... More

Harvesting & Beyond

High Quality Japanese trimming scissors, Drying racks & flower towers, UV Dark glass... More


Heating your hydroponic grow rooms is essential in colder climates or environments... More

HOMEbox Accessories Replacement Parts

All things HOMEbox, whether you need extra tent poles for better support,... More

HOMEbox Ambient Grow Tents

The innovative HOMEbox Ambient range is one of A-Grade's flagship product lines. 

Designed... More

Hottest Sellers

The best hydroponic nutrients brands, the best hydroponic LED lighting in fact... More

Hydroponic Grow Rooms

Hydroponic grow rooms and grow tents in Melbourne Australia. The best grow... More

Hydroponic Lighting

Hydroponic lighting essentially replicates the sun's natural energy to provide optimum growth... More

Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponic nutrients

Plants require efficient delivery of hydroponic... More

Hydroponic Propagation

Hydroponic propagation is... More

Hydroponic Systems

Discover the world of hydroponic systems at A-Grade Hydroponics Melbourne. With hundreds... More

Indoor Gardening Essentials

Indoor gardening essentials covers some... More



Our humidity control packs... More

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solis tek metal halide


Lamps & globes focuses on solely on hydroponic indoor lighting, so if... More


Maximize Your Indoor Garden with LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights. LED... More

Leighman Hyland Limited Strain Prints

Leighman Hyland is a talented Tattoo artist who owns the Tatty Shack who... More

Mammoth by Growcentia

Growcentia was born when a few high achieving university researchers at CSU... More

Mills Nutrients

Mills nutrients are hydroponic nutrients designed in Holland to... More

Omnia Plant Gliders

Other Mediums

Other mediums or growing substrates include a range of growing media used... More

Pest & Disease Control

Pests and diseases can quickly... More

pH Control

The pH reading determines the alkalinity or acidity of your solution. Monitoring... More

Plagron Nutrients

Plagron Hydroponic grow and bloom nutrients are highly concentrated... More

Plumbing, Pots & Trays

In this category you'll find everything needed to set up a run... More

Poly Tubing

Poly tubing is flexible plumbing hose that comes in different sizes to... More

Pots, Tubs & Trays

Hydroponic pots, tubs and trays supplied at A-Grade Hydroponics are food grade plastics and are... More

Propagation Essentials

When propagating seeds or cuttings... More

Propagation Lighting

Unlike some larger setups which have intense lighting systems that grow our... More

Propagation Tents

Trying to find the right sized grow room to propagate cuttings or... More

Propagators & Heat Mats

Propagation is the process of creating new plant life from a variety... More

Reflectors and Hangers

Finding the right hanging equipment can be tricky especially if your lights... More

Root Enhancers

The best quality root boosters on the market. If you're growing in... More

Rooting Compounds

Rooting compounds are tailored hormones available in the form of gels and... More

SANlight LED - EVO Series




Our collection of various storage products, from herb and plant storage to... More

Tanks & Reservoirs

Tanks and reservoirs. Tanks and reservoirs in hydroponics are used to store... More


Monitoring your temperature and humidity levels is essential for providing your plants... More


To get the best results with your plant growth and control, accurate... More

Ventilation & Heat Extraction

Optimal air quality is essential for healthy, heavy harvests and we understand... More

Ventilation Packs

Ventilation is often overlooked indoors. It shouldn’t be, considering it essentially creates... More

Water Control

Growing hydroponically allows you to have the greatest control over your plants... More