Why are my leaves curling upwards?

Why are my leaves curling upwards?

When starting out a new gardening project it can take a few weeks to get everything right, some start of perfectly and others don’t so this tutorial is to help those that are struggling thus far.

So, your seedling or juvenile plant has some upturned leaves, why is this?

In the presence of high temperature and low humidity without human interaction, plants will over transpire (bleed water) to try and level the saturation pressure within the environment.

When this happens, major changes take place not only in the environment but within the plant and the root zone.

Feeding a plant that doesn’t have the ideal conditions can cause a multitude of issues: 

  • Toxicity/deficiency
  • Soft plant tissue & weak stems
  • Metabolic shut down
  • Over worked stomata

These issues if not corrected will cause most plant varieties to die back, they may reshoot at the base of the stem as a last-ditch effort to stress response but in most cases it's over as quick as it starts.


So, how can I fix my humidity issue if my temps are fine?

The quickest fix in this scenario is a humidifier, they will change a room's humidity from 35% to 65% within 5 minutes of operating. Once the humidity remains a stable 58-65% you will find the leaves will slowly uncurl and flatten out, the stress period the plant may go through could be up to a 2-week period as it is trying to recover, so be patient.

A-Grade Tip: Aid your plant's recovery by reducing the concentration of your normal feeding solution by 25-35% for a week or so. If all goes well, increase the concentration by 5-10% for another week, so on and so forth.


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