Posted on by Jason Gibson

What to do if you switch nutrient brands?

Recently at A-Grade Hydroponics we have observed a massive number of new growers and customers wanting to switch from their current brand of nutrients to another one.

(We don’t sell all nutrient brands, as we don’t believe in just selling stuff because of a fancy label, we and our customers want results, so we deliver them)


What can I do so I don’t have any major interactions when starting a new nutrient?

Great question, the answer is this: 

When you feed your plants we ‘generally’ run to waste, meaning we make a solution that is perfectly pH balanced and the EC content is relative to the plants growth, firstly the reason this is done is so that all elements are always present without depletion and depletion only occurring in the time between the next feed.

As the root zone grows, so does the plant. So, run to waste feedings have to change accordingly, some growers do not alter the volume of solution in conjunction with the plants consumption, so less run off is achieved. When less run off is achieved and the plant is consuming food and water, any excess nutrients will literally remain as a salt deposit, which if unflushed can cause things like nutrient antagonism, root problems and elemental toxicity.

So, when changing over to a new line of nutrition the key is to heavily flush!

Not just once, the entire day, the flush must be pH balanced!

Once you can ensure that you have removed the majority of the nutrient buffer from the medium, a quick check of the EC & pH run off should confirm the pot or system is no longer holding any excess nutrient.

The following day you can resume feeding with the new nutrient line chosen, we generally recommend the grower start 25% less than recommended simply to not antagonize any elements, approx. 3 days later we can go to full strength and follow the chart and dosages given.

If you do want to change over and you are unsure, call or email us and we can help you as needed.

Happy growing!