The Benefits of Hydroponic Strawberry Growing

The Benefits of Hydroponic Strawberry Growing

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits on Earth. They're also delicious and nutritious. But did you know they can be grown indoors using hydroponics? Read on to discover why so many gardeners are moving from soil to hydroponics to grow their favourite plants.

Hydroponic gardening uses water and hydroponic nutrients instead of soil to grow food. It's an efficient way to produce crops year round, even in places where there isn't enough rain. This method has been used for decades by commercial growers, but now home gardeners can enjoy fresh fruit too!

How do I grow hydroponic strawberries?

If you've ever tried growing strawberries in pots, you know how difficult it can be. You need to keep them watered constantly, and they often take up a lot of space. With hydroponics, however, you can grow strawberries anywhere.


All you need is a sunny window, some hydroponic nutrient rich potting mix or coco coir, and a few plants. Hydroponic nutrients can be purchased from hydroponics supplies shops. How do I grow strawberries under lights?

If you want to scale up to have a more professional growing space you can purchase numerous types of grow rooms or hobby grow tent packs, buy hydroponic grow lights LED grow lights seem to be the common choice due to their power saving nature and install some air circulating fans and that’s pretty much how you get started.

A very simple way to introduce yourself into hydroponic gardening whether indoors or out! 

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