Odour control and how to manage - The basics

Odour control and how to manage - The basics

When growing plants indoors, as fun as the whole experience is there are also some unwanted issues that arise such as a ‘plant smell’ that most would want to control.

When we set up any environment, we need to effectively ‘scrub’ the air of contaminants, this will result in a much better air quality within your room.

In the hydroponics industry, we use high powered fans capable of exhausting stale air out of our environment rapidly. This allows fresh air to replace the “used” air, allowing the plants to grow and photosynthesize light consistently, we attach these fans to Carbon Filters, the Carbon filters at A-Grade Hydroponics are filled with Australian Meso-Pore Carbon Chips.

When air is pushed through the carbon bed any odour is eliminated immediately providing a neutral ‘normal’ smell.

Carbon filters last around 12-18 months if you purchase a good one, cheaper Chinese equivalents are generally inefficient and do not last long at all (3-6 months) So always do your research before buying.

To extend the life of a filter whether budget or preference, use a clean cloth and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, drop in the barrel of the filter and then re-secure the fan, this will give an additional 3 months use out of your filter before either replacing or re-filling if carbon chips are available.

Happy Gardening and thanks for reading.

Please submit any comments or questions if you would like to see us cover a specific topic.


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