REDUX: What should my temperatures be?

REDUX: What should my temperatures be?

It is quite cold outside at the moment, so in this article, we explain how important temperatures are for each stage of growing.

Please note: The temperatures listed in this tutorial are optimal temperatures to aim for to achieve the best conditions for your plants. Do not panic if your temperatures are outside of these ranges for periods of the day, simply aim for these ranges for the best results.

Let’s start from the beginning:


Seed Germination: 24-27°C - 75.2-80.6°F

Seed Germination is an essential part of the plants life, if temperatures fluctuate and don’t remain consistent temperatures your seedling will struggle and will not have a ‘perfect’ start to life which will affect: Growth rates, Plants overall health and overall end yield.  


Clones or Cuttings: 24-26°C - 75.2-78.8°F

Clones or cuttings require the same temperature as seedlings.

25 °C - 77°F is perfect for all varieties, allowing your cuttings to root much faster than colder/warmer or unstable fluctuating temperatures.


Vegetating/growth: 23-29.5°C - 73.4-85.1°F

Vegetating plants grow very fast in the right conditions, there is a big difference in this phase due to different expressions in characteristics.

If you are after a the ‘colour fade’ harvest pushing the temperatures lower will help your specific outcome (Keep in mind not every variety will change colour)

If you are growing a longer flowering variety then they require slightly more heat due to them originally coming from around the equator where it is much warmer so we would grow these specific varieties at around 27 °C - 80.6°F.

If you are growing an 8 week strain optimum temperatures are closer to 25 °C -27°F due to the strain originating further from the equator.


Flowering/bloom: 22-28°C - 71.6-82.4°F

As we transition our plants into the flowering/fruiting phase of their life cycle, the temperatures should roughly stay similar to the vegetive period depending on your variety and the outcome you are trying to achieve.

If you are growing a longer flowering variety, starting flower at 25 °C - 77°F and ending closer to 28 °C – 82.4°F is ideal.


Drying: 18-21°C - 64.4-68°F

If your room temperatures are too high your flowers will be significantly less potent and much less aromatic.

Consistent temperature stability in the drying phase is what we call a ‘slow dry’ and is much better in my opinion for holding all the essential oils inside the flower. 

Too fast of a dry and your flowers will be more crispy/crumbly much less potent and less aromatic. Dry at these temperatures for 4-14 days depending on flower structure and size.


Curing/storing: 18-21°C - 64.4-68°F

Once you are this stage, make sure your flowers are dry and the stems snap or rapture when bent, because if you start curing with dampish bud you will have mould in no time. Keep at a consistent temperature with burping your jars (opening removing old air) for the first 2 weeks after this time the flowers will be much browner and from here your smell and taste of your flowering will majorly increase.


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