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Fungus Gnats & how to get rid of them

Fungus Gnats.

They are a part of the Mycetophilidae and Sciaridae super families. They feed on decaying organic matter, fungi and plant roots (which contain the nutrients you feed the plants) they cause significant damage to the root-zone as the larvae attach themselves to the root feeders and deplete them of nutrients in turn feeding themselves whilst starving the plant. 

They can also carry diseases such as pythium on their feet and transfer it from plant to plant.

Many growers who correct this problem long term, report yield increases of approx. 15-25%, that’s literally how much food they are draining away from the plant.

Their life span consists of about 3-4 weeks depending on the conditions of the environment. They love damp moist (overwatered) mediums, they breed insanely fast in these conditions (up to 300 eggs in an adult’s life) they also love high humid environments.

Fungus Gnats have 4 life stages:

  • Egg
  • Larvae
  • Pupae
  • Adult

Fungus gnat eggs will hatch after about 3-6 days, hatching little larvae (translucent like maggots)

These larvae feed on the fine root hairs of the plant, the larvae will do significant damage if feeding on a seedling/cutting or an unestablished plant.

If you have a big healthy established plant the larvae can still cause problems, so rather than ignore we should treat immediately to preserve the immediate issue and allow the plant to reach is maximum potential.

Fungus gnats are rather easy to control if the infestation isn’t bad, but if your infestation is bad your fruits/flowers will act as sticky traps. 

Until now, the most commonly used products to remove Fungus gnats have been vastly inadequate and thus, the fungus gnat still thrives in grow rooms everywhere.


Most commonly used products to remove Fungus Gnats 

  • Diatomaceous Earth & Sand
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Neem oil

Get ahead of pests and don't let Fungus Gnats become an issue in your grow room. 



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