Easy Feeding Plan for Your Indoor Monstera Deliciosa

Easy Feeding Plan for Your Indoor Monstera Deliciosa

My latest obsession is the Monstera deliciosa. I love the almost prehistoric-sized leaves they produce; and the calm, almost hypnotising atmosphere created when grown and grouped indoors.

Monstera deliciosa has always been a popular indoor plant due to the ease of care required. Able to withstand a moderate amount of neglect, the Monstera deliciosa requires indirect light, infrequent feeding and watering and a little humidity. (Please remember that they are toxic to pets, so may not be suitable for all households and work places.)

When purchasing Monsteras from a garden centre or nursery, you’ll see the soil has been fed with a slow-release fertiliser (tiny pellets). When the pellets are no longer visible, it is time to start manually feeding your Monsteras.

This feeding guide is for indoor Monstera deliciosa growers aiming for health and steady growth in their new ornamentals.

A-Grade Tip:  Have a suitably-sized garden stake in the pot ready for the Monstera to use for support as it grows.

 Monstera Deliciosa


WEEK ONE: Feeding

PLAGRON Terra Grow

Add 5ml of PLAGRON Terra Grow per 1L of water.  Mix thoroughly before feeding. Water evenly and thoroughly until you see run off.


WEEK TWO: Foliar Spray

Flairform CMX and Nitrozyme

Add 0.5ml of CMX and 1ml of Nitrozyme per 1L of water. Mix well before spraying onto foliage.

You can spray any excess solution on other indoor plants, or tip directly onto the soil of any outdoor plants.



Water until you see run off.


WEEK FOUR: Foliar Spray


Add 5ml of PureCrop1 per 1L of water. Mix well as per instructions before spraying. Wait for 10 mins or so. Using a soft cloth, gently rub any remaining solution solution into each leaf before wiping off any residue.

Repeat this schedule every month, making the necessary adjustments as your Monsteras grow. I increased my nutrient dosages after 8 weeks, and then again at 12 weeks. As always, I recommended that you follow your gut when it comes to your plant's progress. 

Nutrient toxicity This nutrient burn was a result of unexpected hot weather. The Monstera drank all available moisture in the soil, and leaving concentrated nutrient stores behind. An unscheduled watering during would have avoided this issue.


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