Precision Microbes for Enhanced Crop Productivity

Precision Microbes for Enhanced Crop Productivity

Colin Bell of Mammoth P talks about how unique microbial selection from plants play a large role in the productivity of specific crops.

Mammoth P

For those who are unaware of the benefits of introducing microbes into hydroponic systems, this presentation by Colin Bell should help open your eyes to the synergistic relationship between microbial organisms and plant rhizospheres.

Growcentia's new microbial product, Mammoth P, has been proven to utilize this synergistic relationship and in return, significantly enhance plant growth. Below you will find a link to the published peer reviewed scientific paper, documenting the study which was able to prove the effects of Mammoth P on various species of plants.

Colin is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Growcentia, the creators of Mammoth P. He holds a PhD in Biological Sciences, specializing in soil microbial ecology and plant-microbe interactions and has helped publish dozens of scientific papers while working with the Colorado State University.





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