Microbes - Your plants best friends

Microbes: Your Plant's Best Friends

Introducing microbes to your plants is one of the most beneficial advancements you can give your plants health.

Everyone who grows understand that plants have a few basic needs in order to grow and thrive: light, water, nutrition, etc. but very few people truly understand the benefits of introducing microbes to their plants.

Microbes are the base for all life on this planet, humans have more bacterial cells in our bodies than we do our own cells. In nature, microbes live everywhere, they're found in abundance throughout natural soils and agricultural mediums. These microbes work synergistically along side a plants root system to help break down minerals to create more bioavailable nutrients for your plants to uptake, along with boosting the immune system of the plant it lives along side.

By increasing the availability of nutrients for your plants to consume, this will translate to an increase in growth rate, plant health and overall immune response to stress and disease.


Microbes and Hydroponic Nutrients

An important consideration to factor into growing hydroponic plants is the concentration and type of hydroponic nutrients you choose to use along side any microbial additive. Most microbes don't survive very long within a highly concentrated medium of hydroponic nutrients, therefor its crucial you pick a quality, tested microbial product for a hydroponic setup that will thrive in particular conditions.

Growing hydroponically without adding microbes to your medium is missing out on massive potential benefits for your plants health. Inoculating your garden and mediums with helpful bacteria will bring noticeable advancements and bring you closer to unlocking the true potential of your plant.


Product Highlight: Mammoth P Microbes

Mammoth P Microbes

An excellent microbial product that has recently hit Australian markets after a massive success internationally with hobby and professional growers alike, Mammoth P Microbes.

Designed and engineered in Fort Collins, Colorado, home of some of the most advanced cannabis growers in the world, this product has been turning heads for the last 2 years worldwide as growers are seeing fast results after inoculating their mediums with the 4 unique microbes found in this product that will thrive in hydroponic growing conditions.

Mammoth P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant product that helps unlock phosphorus and other micronutrients in your root zone to enhance growth, measuring a 16% increase to plant yield as a result of the addition of these microbes alone.

Inoculate your garden now, see the benefits of giving your plants roots some friends to work alongside!



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