The Three Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Quality & Yield

The Three Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Quality & Yield

So many choices, so many bottles. which Nutrients are the Best?


With so many hydroponic nutrient brands on the market, it's easy to get pulled in with fancy packaging and hyped promotions, but a lot of them leave growers scratching their heads wondering what's going wrong with their plants. 

A-Grade Hydroponics is here to save you time and money, and to help you get great results from the very beginning. 

We test everything here at A-Grade Hydroponics. There are some great nutrient brands that we have enjoyed using, even though they never make it to our shelves. The nutrient brands that do make the cut stand out for the following reasons:

  • Quality manufacturing ingredients and practises: Clean nutes = clean fruits.
  • Final yield: The end result was a bountiful and flavourful harvest.
  • The product can be used successfully in coco coir, LECA and water systems.
  • Value for money: The end result justified the initial expense.
  • The product was easy to use from start to finish.


Each the brands we mention here will leave you wanting more. They are seriously good for flavour, aroma, yield and bag appeal. 


Byron Bay Gold Nutrients

Coming in solid at No. #3 is Byron Bay Gold. Possibly the current easiest hydroponic nutrients to use. No boosters or additives are required; just use the Veg A/B for the growth period, the Flowering A/B for the first 4 weeks of the flowering cycle, then finish the crop off with the Fruit A/B for the remaining weeks. 

About Byron Bay Gold Nutrients 

Byron Bay Gold has been a trusted local secret since 1988 and is now available to professionals and hobbyists Australia wide.  The formulation eliminates the complexity of using expensive additives by splitting the crop cycle into three parts.


CYCO Platinum Series Nutrients

Coming in steady at No. #2 are CYCO Platinum Series. These guys have the best ingredients used in any nutrient formulation and the finest micron filtration technology. If you want to see diamonds sparkling on your flowers then look no further than this very affordable range of nutrients and additives. So easy to use, just add to water, check your pH and you're good to grow and bloom!

About CYCO Nutrients. 

S.J. Enterprises was established in 2008 and are the proud manufactures and distributors of the CYCO Platinum Series brand. Their vision is to provide a market savvy and cutting edge range of hydroponic plant nutrients and additives to the hydroponic industry. They utilise the latest technologies and source only the best ingredients for their products. S.J. Enterprises also researches and tests stringently to assure only the best products are developed.

Their Company Mission.

CYCO nutrients aim is to create new benchmarks in product quality and the results they achieve. They endeavour to deliver a business platform that informs both internal and external customers on how to accomplish the best results from using the CYCO Platinum Series products.

Here is a link to > CYCO Gardens, a social media page with growers from all around the world showcasing their outcomes using this brand. 


Mills Nutrients

The No. #1 spot clearly goes to Mills.

This dutch brand of hydroponic nutrients has taken the world by storm, replacing the very popular Canna in numerous countries around the world voted by growers! It's incredibly easy to use, and has a mineral organic blend of nutrients so flavour, aroma and taste is as high as it gets! Plants grown with Mills nutrients will be heavier and better looking than nearly any brand you do a side by side with, making it an easy choice to take the number 1 position. Here's a little more info about them:


About Mills Nutrients.

The Dutch have been waging a battle against water and tides for centuries. Living metres below sea level has taught the Dutch how to manage the elements of nature and to get the most out of them. Much versatile and fertile agricultural land has been created by reclaiming land from the sea with windmills and permanent irrigation systems. Improvisation when circumstances demand it. Persevering to get the best. They have been doing that for centuries, with great success and results. That is how the Dutch developed their knowledge generation after generation.


Mills has taken the next step in that development with its own range of plant nutrients that is proving successful all over the world. Founded on centuries of expertise that has borne efficiency and optimisation here. And twenty years of focused laboratory research and practical experience. A unique and innovative range of bio-mineral plant nutrients, which utilises organic and mineral sources to get the most out of your plants. Respecting nature and harnessing its power in combination with the best mineral solutions, that is the basis for all Mills products.

Mills offers the perfect formula

Mills offers the perfect formula for getting as much as possible out of your coco blends, seeds and plants in every phase of growth and bloom. Start and Basis A and B provide complete nutrition for all cultivation methods, from the very beginning to full bloom. C4 and Ultimate PK Booster enable every grower to get the best results from every harvest of all crops. Vitalize ensures greener, healthier and stronger plants that produce superior yields. In addition to a range of plant nutrients, Mills also offers substrates for environmentally friendly cultivation solutions for full optimisation of growth potential.

Thanks for reading our short blog on the best nutrients available in our Melbourne hydroponics shop. If you're not local to Melbourne just google hydroponics shop near me to see your closest hydroponics retailer of these amazing plant food brands. 


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The Three Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Quality & Yield

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