How Long Until My Cuttings Form Roots?

How Long Until My Cuttings Form Roots?

Roots need the perfect environment to form. 

Ideally when rooting your cuttings or ‘clones’ we need to keep the medium or water temperature between 18.5 - 21.5 Celsius.

The best humidity for this phase is between 72-100%

The equipment needed for this phase:


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The time taken to strike roots on clones varies according to the time of the year, environmental control and variety/type of plant, some plants produce soft cuttings and some may have much woodier shoots, some may require 24 degrees to germinate and others may need 28.5 degrees!

The method, whether manual or assisted:

  • About 5-12 days is usual for most manual methods.
  • Assisted methods include aeroponic cloning machines, which allow more available oxygen to the cutting which in turn helps form roots a little quicker, Because of their expense most decided to practice cloning manually.


Cuttings Roots formed DWC mesh pot


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