Growing Kale Hydroponically

Growing Kale Hydroponically

We have grown a lot of crops before, but none is more enjoyable to grow than kale.

From seed, kale germinate very fast in the right conditions, it is very easy to grow and rarely presents an issue.

So, for those wanting to dip their toes into the hydroponic world of perfection we highly recommend growing kale as your first plant.



To grow anything hydroponically selecting the right substrate or grow cube is essential. Washing off soils or coco mixes from seedlings can be quite messy, so we advise using either biodegradable seed sponges, grow-wool or growstones.

Once your starting substrate has been chosen, check out the germination tutorial first if you are unfamiliar with the steps.

Once the seed has germinated, it is now a seedling, and is ready to be transplanted into your preferred hydroponic system.

There are many choices which can make the venture quite overwhelming, so ill just fast track to what’s needed, that’s why you’re reading right!?

Personally, I love the O2 Pot (My own creation -J) it works just as well as the polished systems and is a little cheaper, the most commonly purchased unit for growing vegetables and greens hydroponically is either the Oxypot by IWS (Intelligent Water Systems) or the Wilma system by Nutriculture if you wanted to grow lots of kale.


After transplanting kale into a hydroponic system there are a few things to pay attention too;

  • Ph: (Ideally between 5.8-6.3)
  • EC: (0.8-1.8) feeding relative to growth
  • Water temp: 18.5C - 21.5C / 65.3F - 70.7F
  • Environment temp: 24C – 28C / 75.2F – 82.4F
  • RH: (Relative Humidity) 55-65%


Other than the general maintenance of the system you are using and making sure each week they receive the right amount of food (EC) that’s it, it will literally boom!

Week after week you can harvest as you need or grow it into a beast just to show a vegan, whatever you choose.

Lots of fun to grow!

Growing Kale Hydroponically

Hydroponic Kale

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