How to grow Nasturtiums from seed

How to grow Nasturtiums from seed

Nasturtiums are super easy to grow, and it wherever you grow them they have a wonderful screen of green effect!

Nasturtiums also help deter many unwanted garden pests and they give you beautiful aromatic flowers that are edible!

Like all annuals, (unless growing indoors) half of the battle is just understanding when the ideal outdoor season for the variety begins, some keen gardeners will actually pre-germinate their nasturtiums indoors to get the a little stronger at the start of the season as well as avoiding any really cold nights (which affects the roots via substrate temperature and can actually shut down the seedlings metabolism)

The method of germination is the same for all growing mediums; soil, coco, hydroponics etc.

The seeds are actually quite large, making them easy to handle and they generally germinate between temps of 18-25 degrees Celsius with humidity ranging from 72-100% to assist in softening of the outer seed casing.

I personally plant them about 2-5mm deep and approx. 20cm apart, everything will burst out to show off in around 7-10 days.

Feeding Nasturtiums is very easy too, a simple base nutrient (preferably a good A/B base) they love magnesium and in flower opt for a food source that has much less nitrogen and a higher concentration of phosphorus and potassium. 

  • pH requirements (5.8-6.5 Indoor) (6.0-7.2 Outdoor)
  • EC requirements (0.8-1.6 Indoor) (0.4-1.8 Outdoor)



The younger leaves are quite tender and crisp, they have a mild peppery/bitter taste, the older leaves and flower have a more pronounced flavour and can be used in a multitude of dishes. For something random mix the flowers with ice-cream, a super interesting taste that is actually quite enjoyable!

In Latin, their name means ‘nose twist’ so a great substitute for rocket in salads!



The medical benefits of nasturtiums are used for ailments like, urinary tract infections, chest cough/bronchitis and swollen airways, it can also be made into a balm with coconut oil and applied directly to the skin as a treatment for muscular aches and pains.

Nasturtiums contain high amounts of vitamin C which can help fight bacteria, virus’ even tumours!

Growing them from start to finish can take around 12 weeks indoors, here you can see some pictures from our current live grow of them in-store, so if you would like to learn more or see them in person, come on down to the shop or follow our updates with them on Instagram or Facebook.

How to grow Nasturtiums from seed


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