Part One: How to grow and feed Chilli plants

Part One: How to grow and feed Chilli plants

Chilli are beautiful day-neutral plants; meaning they flower without regard to changes in light (photoperiod). As such, most chilli varieties can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

The information below provides helpful recommendations and tips from germination to the beginning of the flowering stage.


Germinate chilli seeds in a Propagation Dome. Use a heat mat to achieve the optimal temperatures of 26-28°C. Germinating seeds for the first time? Check out our germination tutorial.

To reach 100% RH (Relative Humidity) keep the vents of the propagation dome completely closed. Humidity is especially important for chilli seeds as it helps soften the tough seed shell, allowing germination to occur faster.

Once the seeds have germinated keep them in the propagation dome for another 7 days or so. Water them carefully with a weak root tonic solution or a dedicated starting booster every 3-4 days, top feeding to prevent your medium going dry, being careful not to saturate the cubes.

*open the vents of the propagation dome a little when the majority of seeds have popped

*a good solution to feed seedlings is 0.5mL of Ryzofuel (Kelp based Root Tonic) and 0.5mL of CMX (CalMag) mixed in 1L of water. This solution can be kept for 3 days.

First Transplant

Fill a 500mL pot half way with coco. Place your seedling in and carefully top the pot up with more coco, leaving a 2cm clearance from the rim. Thoroughly feed the potted seedling with a Grow A/B and CalMag solution, being sure to evenly soak the coco.

Leave the seedlings in these pots for approx. 2-3 weeks before moving them to their next sized pot or fabric growing bag.


Recommended Feeding Schedule & Dosages:

Seedling: 0.5mL Root Tonic + 0.5mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 3-4 days)

Week 1: 1.5mL Grow A/B + 0.5mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 3-4 days)

Week 2: 2.0mL Grow A/B + 0.5mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 2-3 days)

Week 3: 2.5mL Grow A/B + 1.0mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 1-2 days)

Week 4+ : 2.5mL Grow A/B + 1.0mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 1-2 days)

Optional: Add CYCO XL 0.5ml to Week 3 feeding schedule. Adjust pH to 5.6-5.8


Final Transplant

It’s time to transplant into a bigger pot.

Transplant your chilli plant into your final pot of choice, preferably a fabric pot.

For a more in-depth explanation on transplanting and re-potting, read our Seed to Final Pot Transitioning tutorial found here.



Next week: Part Two - How to flower Chilli plants


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