Basics - How To Mix Hydroponic Nutrients - Part 1

Basics - How To Mix Hydroponic Nutrients - Part 1

When mixing nutrients, a lot of people ask us how to do it.

Now the bottles do have instructions on, but there is still confusion.

This quick tutorial will hopefully help you make up the perfect mix every time.

When using nutrients there are 3 main types available:

  • Single Part Nutrients
  • Two-Part Nutrients
  • Three-Part Nutrients


“When making a cake we don’t just throw the ingredients in roughly, we take our time carefully mixing, step by step.”

For the purpose of keeping the tutorial basic let’s look at Two-Part nutrients as they are the most commonly purchased. An example of commonly found "Two-Part" nutrients are: "Grow A" and "Grow B" or "Bloom A" and "Bloom B".

STEP 1Choose your brand

STEP 2 – Fill measuring jug/reservoir with required amount of water.

STEP 3 – If tap water, let it sit out overnight.

STEP 4 – Measure dosage from "Bottle A" appropriate to jug/reservoir.

STEP 5 – Mix really well, let sit for 2-5 mins

STEP 6Measure dosage from "Bottle B" appropriate to jug/reservoir.

STEP 7 – Mix really well, let sit for 2-5 mins

STEP 8 – Add any additional additives using the same method as above, mix well then sit for 2-5mins, continuing with this process for each nutrient/additive you plan on using in your solution.

And that’s it, that’s how to mix your base nutrients solution.

The reason we don’t add all the elements together and fill up with water is because these elements are biologically reactive and will cause precipitation - this is why nutrients are usually not in the same bottle.

The best advice I can give you when mixing up your nutrients, is take your time. If you want to cut corners and simply mix everything together as fast as possible and don't take care in the process, you may be able to get away with it to an extent, but don't expect the best possible results for doing so.

Patience is one of the most important traits of a good gardener.


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