Why Hydroponics?

Why Hydroponics?

Well, Why Not?

Nearly everything you buy from your local supermarkets is hydroponically grown and the prices are rising rapidly every year. So, we are encouraging people like yourself to join us and grow your own. 

You can grow perfected fruits, vegetables or herbs all year round in the comfort of your own home or garden, they will be chemical and pesticide free and taste much better than the varieties you currently buy.

It’s easy! It really is, a simple tent, light and fan to get growing is all you need. Learn as much as you want, then apply it to your grow in real time!

“Eventually hydroponic farming will be the leading method in cultivation worldwide.”



The majority of people are led to believe that hydroponics growing incorporates harsh chemicals to force grow plants. 

This is incorrect; firstly A-Grade Hydroponics is at the forefront against the use of any plant growth regulators (PGR’S) within Australia, PGR’s naturally suppress the hormone flow within the plant, they have long withholding periods are classified as poisons and are carcinogenic!

Unfortunately, the larger operations in charge of food supply are using these poisons on consumable crops, with minimal safety measures in place their use in commercial farming will continue until full regulation and testing is in place.


What’s the difference between organic and mineral?  

Nutritionally, nothing.

Plants uptake nutrients (food) in the form of ions, the only difference between an organic ion and a mineral ion is that an organic ion relies on a healthy balance of microbial activity to break down organic ions and convert them into a useable form, mineral nutrients that are used in hydroponics have already been broken down from their organic form through the research and development phase, this makes the nutrients available to the plant immediately.

  • Yield - 2 to 10 times more than soil!
  • Nutrition – Precision
  • Water - 1/10th that of irrigation
  • Diseases - No soil bacteria or viruses
  • Weeds - None
  • Quality - Higher, better and healthier
  • Costs - Initially higher, then significantly lower
  • Maturity - Non-seasonal, faster!
  • Sanitisation - Easy, safe and sterilisable
  • Transplanting – Easy!
  • Environmental - Compatible and safe
  • Convenience - Grow your own!




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