3 of the BEST beneficial bacterias for the garden

The BEST beneficial bacterias for the garden

This product highlight will show off some of our favourite stocked bacterias and microbes designed to help the health and growth of your garden.


Mammoth P Microbes by Growcentia

MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize bud growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health. 

Colin Bell of Mammoth P talks about how unique microbial selection from plants play a large role in the productivity of specific crops.

Mammoth P

For those who are unaware of the benefits of introducing microbes into hydroponic systems, this presentation by Colin Bell should help open your eyes to the synergistic relationship between microbial organisms and plant rhizospheres.

Growcentia's new microbial product, Mammoth P, has been proven to utilize this synergistic relationship and in return, significantly enhance plant growth. Below you will find a link to the published peer reviewed scientific paper, documenting the study which was able to prove the effects of Mammoth P on various species of plants.

Mammoth P Microbes can be found and purchased here



Another great product here which actually works perfectly along side Azos, this product is suited entirely for transplanting and potting.

MycoApply mycorrhizae is a natural and organic species of beneficial soil fungi that create a "sponge-like" mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both. This single species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi contains Rhizophagus intraradices, formally known as Glomus intraradices. MycoApply does not contain any other microbes such as trichoderma or ectomycorrhizae. 

MycoApply helps new plantings reduce transplant shock by stimulating new root growth. The root growth from using this product was far above any other root tonic I've come across so far. If you're using fabric pots, expect roots to be sticking out the side of the fabric in record speed. 

These three products which all work together well, while none are essential to the growth of the plants, I personally deem as essential to my garden as I don't grow without them! Give some a try and see the results for yourself.




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