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Breeding Basics 102 - Modes of Inheritance

Gregor Mendel is well known for being the first to observe multiple patterns of gene segregation for selected traits in peas and through some theoretical mapping, determine ratio outcomes for a genotype and the probabilities of recurrence of specific traits for subsequent filial lines.

This approach has been named Classic Mendelian Genetics, and has been used for decades in mapping patterns of inheritance.

There are 5 basic modes of inheritance for single-gene disease tracking:

  1. Autosomal Dominant
  2. Autosomal Recessive
  3. X-Linked Dominant
  4. X-Linked Recessive
  5. Mitochondrial

Breeding Basics 102

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1 – Autosomal Dominant

Each affected plant came from an affected parent

Passed across every successive generation


2 - Autosomal Recessive

Both parents of affected progeny are carriers

Not seen across every generation


3 – X-Linked Dominant

Female progeny more commonly affected

Can affect both male and female across the same generation


4 – X-Linked Recessive

Male progeny more commonly affected

Affected males common in each generation


5 – Mitochondrial

Can affect both sexes, but is only passed on by females

Can be present in every subsequent generation


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