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How to grow and feed chilli plants 

See Part One: How to grow and feed Chilli plants here

If you’re reading this part of the Chilli blog then you have probably been growing your chilli seedlings for 4-5 weeks; and maybe have some flowers or flower buds appearing.


Some growers prune their chilli plants at Week 4/5 to increase the size and weight of the final chillies. Others don’t.

I prune everything below the natural 'Y' formation of the chilli plant, doing so, efficiently directs the plant's energy and resources to the fruit-bearing canopy. 

Top Tip: Keep the pruned cuttings and clone these using a cloning product. Once they root, you’ll have another chilli plant or two!


The moment the chillies start budding/flowering, change the nutrient formula and start week one of flowering nutrients formula.

Top Tip: Keep a plant journal. Note the date, feeding formulas, temperatures, plant’s appearance. Write down everything you go.


Week 1: 2.5mL Bloom A/B + 0.5mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 2 days)

Week 2: 2.5mL Bloom A/B + 0.5mL CalMag per 1L water (feed every 2 days)

Week 3: 2.5mL Bloom A/B + 1mL PK per 1L water (feed every 2 days)

Week 4: 2.5mL Bloom A/B + 2mL PK per 1L water (feed every day)

Week 5: 2.5mL Bloom A/B + 1mL PK per 1L water (feed every day)

Week 6: 2.0mL Bloom A/B +  1mL PK per 1L water (feed every day)

Week 7: Flush generously with plain water (or a flushing product such as CYCO Kleanse) for 2-3 days, before harvesting.

Note: PK nutrient used in this formula is the MILLS Ultimate PK (0-7-6). The CalMag is FLAIRFORM CMX (4-0-0)

Top Tip: For really hot chillies, leave coco to dry out completely before harvesting.

A-Grade Tips:

  • Use a silica based product such as MILLS Vitalise in your feeding formula
  • Prevention is better than the cure. Implement pest prevention to guard against fungus gnats, white fly, aphids and thrip.
  • Nutrient build up is a common issue when growing chillies in coco. Indicators are brown leaf tips. Flush the coco a few times with plain water and measure until the EC is reading around 0.6 or lower, leave to dry for a day and resume feeding as normal.


Happy Chilli growing!