Posted on by Jason G

Setting up your Hanna Instruments pH/EC Combo Meter

Here is a quick instructional on how to set up your new combo meter, the instructions are a little vague so I decided to do a set-up tutorial for anyone experiencing similar issues.

The pH probe must be attached first.

Once both probes are fitted alongside each other we are ready to start.

For this tutorial we will do QUIK-CAL (Allows you to calibrate pH and EC using one solution)

  • Press Mode to turn the meter on.
  • Tear the top off your QUIK-CAL Sachet or fill up a glass with the needed amount.
  • Carefully slip the combo meter into the sachet or submerge in solution
  • While the pen is ON, press and HOLD down the mode button
  • The screen will go to a CAL screen, the Display should say CAL-QUIK
  • Leave the combo meter in the solution and press nothing, calibrates automatically
  • Once completed the meter should read pH 6.85 - 6.92 (temperature related)
  • CAL OK


You can now use your new combo meter!

When the CAL indicator disappears, it’s time to recalibrate the combo meter.

When the meter is not in use, you should sit the pen upright in storage solution (same as above either a sachet for convenience or leave it in a glass beaker) this will prevent the pH from becoming dehydrated. It is very important you follow this step for longevity of the combo meter.

The pen has other features for those in need pinpoint accuracy, you can change the QUIK-CAL to CAL-STD which allows the user to calibrate to 7.01 and 4.01, the EC probe can also be changed to read PPM500 & PPM700.

If the combo meter is displaying CAL-STD and you require QUIK-CAL you will need to cycle through the available modes and set to the required mode.

Note CAL-STD will not calibrate in QUIK-CAL solution and vice-versa, and will return an error message stating the solution is out of range.